Doug Lighton



Photography has been a factor in Doug Lighton’s life since his conception, he comes from a family of artistic creators. Doug’s father and siblings are all talented photographers. Coming from a family strong in creativity helped Doug form an eye for composition and detail from an early age. At 15 Doug received a hand me down film camera from his older brother and the fascination with capturing a moment in time began. He found himself taking photos of his friends skateboarding, from that he learned how to capture movement and expression. Doug’s love of skateboarding grew into a passion for surfing and snowboarding. Always having a camera on these adventures Doug started capturing people, sports, architecture, landscapes and stunning vistas. Doug also has a background in drafting, design, construction and architecture which serves him well when capturing the power of structure. As Doug’s life progressed he started focusing on Portrait photography and has found it to be a rewarding art form. Doug’s style of photography is fresh and versatile, he stays updated with technology and technique.



I am a people person and I love connecting with others and helping them to feel at ease. Being a lifelong yoga instructor and reiki master I know how to help subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera. I learned through years of yoga about human form and movement which is an asset when helping my husband pose and shoot subjects. My purpose with Doug Lighton Photography is to make the customers experience as fun, beautiful and empowering as possible. I will remind you to breathe, smile and enjoy. Doug and I work beautifully together and are an outstanding team, together we will reveal your beauty and capture the moment.

Kind Words From Our Clients
Niki Dean Holmes

"My girls and I had not had family pictures taken in years, mostly because none of us have ever felt truly comfortable in front of the camera. But we loved our session with Doug Lighton! We laughed and listened to music; he made us all feel so relaxed and comfortable. Doug was really able to capture our personalities and family dynamic. These pictures are a gift I will cherish for years to come."

Niki D.