Goddess Energy

In today"s world we often hear the word goddess. I think it has different meanings to different people, to some it is sheerly about the beauty of a woman. To others there is a certain strength and poise in the way some women live and carry themselves that is incredibly beautiful.

Often there seems to be a regal quality to her, there is a radiance that will shine through making her physical beauty even more alluring. I believe being a goddess is an energy that is acquired through life, there is a maturity that has to be had. Yes there are millions of beautiful young women out there but they haven't been shaped into a diamond yet, they haven't had to work through the trials of life yet, their character hasn't been fully tested, their boundaries haven't been established.

Once a woman gets to a certain place and age in life and she knows herself and understands what is important, she will feel her inner goddess step up and introduce herself. Suddenly she realizes she is wise, she is a survivor, she is a lover, she is strong, she is a creator of many things and then she carries herself with that poise we refer to as goddess. Hold your heads up high ladies never let that crown slip, remember you are goddess.

-Cathy Lighton